Getting Started

Please follow the instructions provided by the instructor to start your lab and access your jump host.


All work for this lab will be performed exclusively from the Windows jumphost. No installation or interaction with your local system is required.

Lab Topology

The training lab is accessed over remote desktop connection.

Your administrator will provide login credentials and the URL.

Within each lab environment there are the following Virtual Machines:

  • Windows 7 Jumpbox
  • username: external_user password: P@ssw0rd!
  • Two BIG-IP Virtual Editions (VE) – running TMOS 15.1
  • username: admin password: f5DEMOs4u
  • LAMP Server (Web Servers)


Lab Components

Below are all the IP addresses that will be used during the labs. Please refer back to this page and use the IP addresses assigned to your site.

  IP Addresses
Lampserver,, ,,